Mukai, member of an enigmatic syndicate, has succeeded in breaking the bonds of the Orochi. Taking advantage of the subsequent chaos, Ash Crimson seizes the opportunity to steal the strength of the “Mirror of the Yata.”
The results of these events culminate in the wounding of the tournament’s sponsor, Chizuru Kagura, bringing the previous King of Fighters to a pandemonic end…
The seasons subsequently ran their cycle, time moved on, and this year’s announcement for a new KOF has just been made.
As a number of new faces sign up for the fray, other entrants gradually make their names known. The return of Eiji Kisaragi tops of the list, followed by the applications of Oswald, B. Jenet, Duck King, Momoko, and Elisabeth Branctorche.
Just what do these warriors at the peak of their conditioning desire as they assemble for the ultimate fighting tournament in the world, and the unprecedented secrecy and wonder which accompanies it? With these warriors along for the ride, the action is sure to be more blistering than ever.
The facade Made KOF gives is one of a flamboyant fighting tournament.
But in contrast, its participants’ myriad ambitions and desires drive the events that go on behind the scenes.
How will the mysterious syndicate that goes by the name of “The Atavists” react?
What will be the end result of the unleashed Orochi Power?
Can the Three Divine Vessels missing one of its members take control of the chaos?
And just what are Ash Crimson’s real objectives…?
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XI is finally ready to begin.
The window of combat opportunity is open once again.

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